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Thebes E-Notch Cast

Price: $18.00
This cast of a Thebes E-Notch was molded from the authentic original, which was sent to Occpaleo for casting in 2011.  It was made in Kanawa chert, and is an excellent example of the type.  It measures 2 and 3/4th inches long and 1 and 1/2 wide.  It shows the classic E-Notch that marks excellent craftsmanship in flintknapping, with the "spur" of the type showing in the middle of each notch.  Also common for the type is the ground base which is believed to be shaped for hafting as knives intead of as points.  This type of use is also shown by the off center "bevel sharpening" on the sides.  Thebes points date to around 8 to 9,500 years ago, and are found in the area of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  The wonderful piece was loaned from a private collection in Ohio, after being authenticated and typed by Western Typology(Stermer)(ex. Robin Wyene collection).
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