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Thebes Cast Cache Variety

Price: $25.00
A cast of an authentic Thebes, from Clinton County, Ohio. A very large tool at 129mms, it was made in Flint Ridge chert. This type of tool dates from the Archic period, and has a broad range of around 7,000 years ago.   Thebes points were actually used as knives, and they are found throughout the midwest, with several types now recognized.   The type is called the Cache Variety, named after examples found in Illinois.    This type of hand tool was sharpened by beveling instead of bifacially.   Many believe this one sided sharpening is due to the way it was hafted and held in the hand.   Projectile point break on almost every shot, but knives have a much longer use life, and Thebes knives are most often found to be resharpened many times.   They are sharpened over and over again until the edge bevel becomes too steep to use as a knife.   This example is very large and exquisite example of the type, and was sent to Occpaleo for casting to serve as a teaching/reference tool.   Ex Bill Jensen collection(COA Stermer 2005)
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