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The Basic Atlatl Set

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The basic learning set with lightweight flexible darts, consisting of one thrower and 3 darts/spears.  The darts are made in Poplar shafts, which can take apart in a brass sleeve.   This makes them easier to travel with, or carry in a container such as an archery quiver.   Put together, they are 6 feet long, with 125 grain field tips.
  Our favorite thrower for this set is the one we designed here after a decade of competition throwing.  The main shaft is in natural Bamboo/River Cane.  The handle is a molded grip that has a grip stop, a finger peg, and a dart rest.    All three of these things make for a consistant hold that is easy for beginners, and great for advanced competitions as well.   These were influenced by the fantastic grips tested from the Eskimo atlatls.  These features make the thrower great for beginners who have a hard time holding the dart in a consistant place.
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