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Shawnee Bow Functional Replica

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A functional replica in hickory, of a Shawnee bow in the collections of the University Of Pennsylvania Museum.  It is 58 inches long and pulls 62 pounds at 26 inches of draw.  After making over a hundred bows here, this design was a wonderful suprise.  It was made in local VA hickory, and was seasoned indoors for several years before the tillering process.  It was split from a 4 inch tree, and can easily be seen to be a traditional natural tree stave, with under the bark surface showing on the back of the bow(not just a curved piece of lumber)Even at this short length, this bow shows NO string follow when unstrung.  Due to a slightly working handle, it is able to take a weight of over 60 pounds of pull without being overstrained.  With the  poundage and functionality of this bow I have used a modern string here, which is new and included with the bow.  This bow is guaranteed for two weeks.  If there is any problem the bow can be sent back for a refund of the purchase  price of the bow.  Although a replica for demonsration or display, it is a very dangerous weapon and the buyer assumes all responsibility for safe use.
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