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Pre-Columbian Obsidian Prismatic Blade Cast

Price: $12.00
This piece was cast by Occpaleo in 2011 from an authentic blade from the Valley of Mexico.  It represents the prismatic blade making of pre-columbian Meso American, and dates to (before 500 B.P)  The technique of making razor sharp blades from prepared cores was practiced world wide, but reached its height of skill in the Valley of Mexico with the use of Obsidian.  The long thin controlled edge could fracture down to a molecular level, and is shown to be sharper than surgical steel in modern experiements.  This discovery has even lead to the use of obsidian in modern surgery! 
  These blade fragments were used for weapon making in the Aztec Empire, and were fit into wooden clubs called Macahuitls or the "Obsidian Sword".  These swords were feared by the Spanish and written about with great respect in their accounts of battle.  The original is 30mm long, and is believed to be one of the blades that was set into the Macahuitl swords with an adhesive such as pitch.
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