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PA Crowfield Point Cast

Price: $19.95
Just molded and cast from the authentic original in 2012, this Crowfield was found near New Castle in Lawrence County, PA.  It measures 46mms long and 34mm wide, in a brownish chert.  Dates for Crowfield are around 11,000 years ago, from the Late Paleoindian Period.  The type site is Ontario, Canada, and most found in the US are from New York and Pennsylvania.  Crowfields are a rare type of Paleo point, and they are known for their extreme thinness and long flutes.  Often these flutes are near or to the tip on one side, which is usually the convex side of a flake blade used for the preform.  This fine example was a gracious loan from a famous collection in Ohio.  (COA Stermer 2008, COA Partain 2008)  Cast copyright Occpaleo 2012
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