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Nicolarson Cave Atlatl Replica

Price: $95.00
A functional replica of one of the oldest and best preserved prehistoric spear throwers in North America, from (NV-WA-197) near Lake Winnemucca, NV. The Nicolarson atlatl was found at the bottom of a what was more of a vertical shaft than a cave.  Objects found at the bottom of this shaft were possibly "offering pieces" and represent objects as old as 8,000 years before the present.  This replica is fully functional at 23 inches long, with 18 concentric carved grip rings as in the original.  The spur is made from genuine deer antler, and the real ground stone is made in the same barstone style of the original. 
  No finger loops were found on the original, but we would be happy to add this traditional addition for free to help with modern throwing if requested.  This addition would not be accurate for this particular piece, but totally authentic for the time period as other specimens from the period feature buckskin finger loops.
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