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Neolithic Adze Cast

Price: $38.00
A cast of an Adze stone tool from the Neolithic period(around 4 to 6 thousand years ago) in Northern Africa.   This piece from the Frank Collection measures 140 mms long and is an excellent example of Neolithic Adze making.    This type of Adze for classic for the Egyptians, and numerous Glyphs show Egyptians using such hafted Adzes for boatmaking.   Unlike an Axe, which is in a parallel plane with the axe handle,  an Adze is set at a right angle to the handle, so that it can be wielded in front of the user instead of the side.   This angle allows for a better situation in motions like "scooping" out wood in boats and bowls.   This wonderful unique piece shows a flake missing on the tip from modern excavation, which reveals the original red material from the rest patinated over thousands of years.   The most amazing part of this artifact is the pitch that is still retained on the stone, presumably as an aid to help in hafting.   The final picture shows an experimental hafting done here to demonstrate how this type of stone tool was used.  This piece has been examined by several Paleo archaeologists and found to be a wonderful and authentic example of the classic Egyptian type.  (cast copyright Occpaleo 2017)
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