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Mousterian Levallois Tool Cast

Price: $30.00
This wonderful piece was molded and cast from the authentic original, on loan from the Jerry Sherman collection in 2011. (original on right in first picture with cast on left)  It is a Neanderthal tool from the Quina Mousterian culture of around 60,000 years ago, in the Oise Department, Picardie Region of France.  This is an excellent example of the unique method of Neanderthal tool making, using the difficult Levallois technique.  By carefully preparing cores in a series of controlled stages, a final flake is taken that is perfect for points and other tools.  This wonderful piece looks to be a multi-tool, showing a perforator/graver point, a scraper and knife edge, and a sharp front point as well.
  The object was made in a beautiful dark French Flint that has patinated and mineralized to a bright white on the dorsal surface and partly though the ventral side.  It measures roughly  4 inches long by 2 inches wide.
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