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Mayan Eccentric Obsidian Boat Cast

Price: $24.00
A cast of a Mayan Eccentric made in Obsidian. This piece was flaked in the shape of a Mayan boat, and was fashioned from an expended obsidian blade core.   Eccentrics are the classification for stone flaked artifacts that did not function as knives, projectile points, or cutting tools.   Examples of such forms are human figures and geometric shapes.   One of the rarest types are the Canoe depictions.   In Mayan mythology the canoe can carry the souls of the dead.   In this rare style here, the Canoe shape is actually made from a previous tool, the core of obsidian blade making.    The flake scars from the struck blades, perfectly forms the shape of a wood boat.   
   Mayan Eccentrics usually date from the end of the Pre-Classic period, around 2,000 ago until around 250 AD.   This pieces measures 2.39 inches long, in a smoky black obsidian.
   Original from the Rainbow Traders Auction house, then acquired from Windy City Artifacts.   It was purchased for molding and casting by Occpaleo,  for use as a teaching and reference collection.  It was examined here, and then compared with similar obsidian pieces in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution and found to be a wonderful example of authentic Mayan art and Archaeology.   Cast copyright Occpaleo 2015.
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