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Hand Axe Cast

Price: $35.00
Molded from the authentic original, this cast is of a Hand Axe from Ethiopia.  Purchased in the 1970's and currently in the Richard Grauel Collection, the actual stone tool was made in a dark colored Basalt.  It is an excellent example of the tool type, which goes back over a million years in the Old World.  This is the longest running tool used by humans ever, and it remained unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years.
  Modern experiments show the hand axe to be a wonderful multi-tool for early humans.  It has been shown to be able to cut small to medium limbs for shelter making and spears, to dig in the ground, and butcher animals.  It also works as a flake core, allowing the user to keep a supply of razor sharp flakes available whenever needed.  This example is a medium size version, measuring 5 3/8ths inches by 3 and 3 3/4ths inches wide. 
  It is cast is modern epoxy, which is much stronger than the plaster, and picks up all the smallest details perfectly.
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