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Eskimo Atlatl Spear/Harpoon launcher

Price: $49.00
A new replica of a Nunivak Eskimo atlatl in the Smithsonian Museum collections. This style was used by Inuit hunters to throw harpoons and darts from kayaks and skin boats.   The original was examined and measured in person.   The wood for the original was listed at unknown driftwood, and ours here is made in reclaimed vintage wood, always trying to match the original(probably Birch).  It measures 17 and 3/4th inches long.  The finger peg provides a wonderful no-slip grip, and is made in antler.   The spur peg is also made in antler, and is a style unique to the Polar tribes.   The spur is carved flat to fit the flat butt of the harpoon.   It turns out though, that is also fits our modern darts even if the butt of the dart has the "female" hollow.
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