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Clovis Point Replica with Channel Flake

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A modern projectile point made by experimental Archaeologist Dr. Errett Callahan. It was made in snowflake obsidian and measures 11 cm long. The intact flute "channel flake" measures 45mm long. Signed and dated, for teaching or collection piece.   Dr. Callahan is not only one of the top flintknappers in the world, but a leader in pioneering academic lithic technology.  He literally wrote the book on proper lithic stages for replicating archaeological stone tools, by following the stages shown in the archaeological record.   In the lithic art world, his pieces have wond numerous awards and his work is the most valued of any in the lithic art world.  This piece was created in 2005 while testing fluting technolgies.   His pieces are often used in teaching collections, to show lithic students how to recognize certain diagnostic flakes.   This wonderful point now serves in that teaching role, or as a bea
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