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Bow Drill Traveler Fire set

Price: $19.00
A smaller, lighter, and more advanced set that can easily fit in the average backpack for portability.   At half the size, and weighing in at only 10 oz, this smaller friction fire set is for those that have arleady succeeded with an average size set.   Since 2007, Occpaleo has sold a bow drill friction fire set that has worked wonderfully for the new student of any size.   We have always known that native sets around the world were much smaller and more portable.  Due to increased demand for this, we have finally come up with a set here that is more advanced, and can fit into the standard backpack that one might carry in the field.   The Mountain Laurel wood bow, stone handhold, and all the componets fit into wool sleeve container to keep out dampness.   All together this set is only 12 inches long and about 2 inches wide.   Smaller bows have less power, but we have figured out some strong pithy plant stems used for hand drills are strong enough for this bow drill.  Elderberry, Wingstem, and Horseweed have worked with great success in this size, and we include two drills in each set.   The set is all natural, and so works well for demos and all traditional events or adventures.
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