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Authentic Materials Atlatl Dart

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Manufacturer: Occoquan Paleotechnics LLC
This is a model of a North American Archaic Period style(around 3 to 8,000 years ago) atlatl dart that is made in all natural and authentic materials.  It is a total of 71 inches long, with a removable foreshaft.  This Ash sapling foreshaft is fit with a modern made classic stemmed point traditionally knapped in Obsidian volcanic glass.  It is knapped by hand, and hafted in true primitive style of pine pitch glue and deer sinew.  It is signed as modern to protect the archaeological record. With a removable foreshaft, the point can be interchanged, or used like a knife.  The main shaft is made in eastern River Cane, a native bamboo type grass of the Americas, and the perfect material for atlatl darts.  The fletching is genuine wild turkey split and sanded by hand, and attached with deer sinew.  This model was created for proper Archaeological display or demonstration of authentic techniques.  Although it is a functional model, obsidian points break on almost every throw, no matter what they hit, so it is mainly an example of the manufacturing techniques of the time period.  It is still a potentially deadly weapon, and must be treated as such.   Occpaleo is not responsible for any misuse resulting in injury or harm.   Thrown safely at targets, atlatl technology is enjoying a wonderful resurgence along side of traditional archery.
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