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Archery Roving Handbook

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In the true spirit of traditional archery, Dr. Errett Callahan brings back the long lost pastime of archery roving.  Going far past mere stump shooting, Roving describes the history and philosophy behind distance shooting, speed shooting, and shooting over obstacles such as lakes and trees.  Games such as clout shooting and archery golf Par shooting are described in an attitude of "fun" instead of competitive target shooting.  By using simple props such as balloons, wands, tubes, and natural obstacles like stumps, the true spirit and fun of archery come back to life. 128 pages and fully illustrated.
  "I reintroduce roving here as an alternative to hunting.  Roving, especially the stump shooting variety, has long been used as practice for hunting and that's fine.  But roving can and should go beyond that, becoming an end in itself.  I'm not an anti-hunter at all, but after decades of hunting, I just got tired of of killing things.  Yet, I love the hunt.  So I turned to the roving of my childhood and found a whole new world of unconventional challenges.  In roving there are no winners or losers, it costs almost nothing; everything is unofficial; the full range of the bow may be explored; and nothing gets killed."
Dr. Errett Callahan
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