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Rock Sling

Price: $24.00
The Sling has been used by cultures all over the world for hunting and warfare.  Archaeological evidence goes at least as far back as Tutankhamen's tomb where an intact fiber sling was found(around 1300 BC).  It is very likely that it was used by hunter/gatherer cultures much earlier for that, and the weapon is very suitable for such quarry as birds in the air.  The sling is capable of launching projectiles over 80 miles an hour and over hundreds of yards.  Since it was also very easy to produce and keep supplied with ammo, it was used for warfare by many different cultures in history.  The sling is featured on Trajan's column for its use during the Roman Empire, and was made famous in Biblical history for its use by David to kill Goliath with one shot.
  This model is made in plant fiber straps for less stretch, and features a bucskin rock pouch for a primitive touch.  It is fully functional and very dangerous if used incorrectly.  This weapon should only be tested far from people and property, as it is potentially deadly.  Rocks are not included.
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