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3 Wood Take Down Atlatl Dart set

Price: $75.00
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Our new set is to keep making the move towards natural materials in our dart sets.  This set of 3 darts/spears uses poplar wood sections that are joined together with a single brass sleeve.  When joined together they are 6 feet in length, and when taken apart can fit much more conveniently into a quiver or car for travel.  They are fletched and wrapped with deer sinew at the butt end, and tipped with 145 grain archery field tips at the front.   These darts are not as durable as the aluminum version for tough field use such as stump shooting,  but are perfectly acceptable for all archery targets, haybales, and cardboard targets.  Although a fun sport to bring Archaeology to life, these atlatl sets are still considered to be dangerous weapons which can cause injury or death if misused.
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